Being a resident of the Plantation Park East community for 14 years, fighting with the City of Plantation for the entire time to provide the same services in the Plantation Park East community, provided to residents on the west side of the turnpike, for the quality of life that the City of Plantation represents.

Code Enforcement, Design, Landscape & Construction Management and Building Departments have constantly failed to provide the same services. I have had to attend City Council meeting throughout this time to force the City of Plantation to provide these services. Without my own attendance of City Council Meetings and being on the record, the quality of life that is enjoyed on the west side is NOT provided in Plantation Park East.

Just some examples; having to obtain a current property survey to have the City of Plantation enforce my property lines and have a neighbor adhere to code for a shed, let alone, remove the fence he constructed removed from my property. After visiting all of the departments previously mentioned personally and being rebuffed. To the numerous times I have had to get the Plantation Business Park to maintain their swale, from dead trees, dead grass and shrubbery or trash strewn on the swale adjacent to my property is simply appalling!

The holiday season has approached again and again the City of Plantation has yet to provide the quality of life of simply being able to open my homes windows and see a code compliant, acceptable landscape and this time it is not because of the property owner but the mind boggling politics of city officials who do not even live in the community.

Presently the City of Plantation is being asked to approve the Strata project to replace the Plantation Business Park (PBP). The Plantation Park East Home Owners Association (PPEHOA), who’s President sits on the Building and Zoning board, and Treasurer have been spreading propaganda to vilify the project.

From the meetings that I have attended, this propaganda has now spread to city officials. I feel it is a total conflict of interest to have the PPEHOA president, whom I believe does NOT have the community’s interest or at least my interest as a member of the PPEHOA community at heart.

The PBP has been zoned light commercial / medical for the entire time I have resided in this community but yet it has not thrived nor has it ever employed a resident of the PPEHOA community that I am aware of. The objection to the Strata project is because it is deemed that the area needs commercial is false. It has been commercial and it has been left to deteriorate.

Why would any business want to open on the property, from its limited access, to restrictions of signage, it is not a sustainable solution. But yet the PPEHOA President and Treasurer would rather object to the project without any feasible resolution.

Let’s look at the positives of the Strata project; first, most developers build and run. The INVESCA Development Group has relocated its entire corporate offices adjacent to the project and plans on staying here. Density level is well below what the property has been presented previously. The Strata Home Owners Association will only allow 15% of units to be investment rentals. The projects proposed landscaping exceeds the City of Plantations Landscape Departments requirements. Traffic concerns are addressed by having residents limited to the Sunrise Blvd. entrance/exit.

For every previous project all I have heard is the City of Plantation needs more affordable housing. The projected price range of the units fit that need. City officials now have the opportunity to improve the community by approving the Strata project.

Email sent Wednesday, November 18, 2015 to:

Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic | (954) 797-2221 

Councilmember Ron Jacobs

Councilmember Robert Levy

Councilmember Lynn Stoner

Councilmember Peter Tingom

Councilmember Chris Zimmerman

Susan DiLaura, Executive Aide to the Mayor

Howard Harrison, Chief of Police | (954) 797-2139

Theresa Alexandrich, Code Enforcement Supervisor | (954) 797-2646

Danny Ezzeddine, Dir., Design, Landscape & Const Mgmt. | (954) 797-2256

Susan Slattery, City Clerk

Jeff Sabouri, Director/Chief Building Official

Brett Butler, Director/City Engineer

Laurence Leeds, Director, Planning & Zoning

Laney Stearns, Fire Chief

Blake Estes, Deputy Chief

Don Todd, Deputy Chief

Barry Stearns, Fire Inspector/Plans Examiner

Christopher Longsworth, INVESCA Development Group

Sandra Grace, Treasurer PPEHOA