Political incorrectness is not about the need to shock and the seeking of gratuitous provocation, which is the easiest accusation thrown in the face of those who dare to speak up. It is not about encouraging hatred and promoting intolerance. It does not prevent what is and should be punishable by the law, to be indeed punishable by the law.

Banned – Facebook – Plantation Politics And Community Concerns Group

On Saturday July 28th, attempting to share a post from this site calling to action opposition to Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Groups’ Pixl at Plantation project of seven (7) story buildings with 350 units proposed and being reviewed by the City of Plantation Planning and Zoning Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 7th. I noticed that the Facebook Group, Plantation Politics And Community Concerns, which I had been invited to and joined the group when it was first started was no longer available on my Facebook wall.

Later in the day I was contacted asking if I was aware that I was BANNED from the Plantation Politics And Community Concerns Group. The group, as of this writing, has 355 members. Not being notified of any type of policy, rule or standard that I may have violated, I was baffled!

“Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell, 1984

Only ability to assume, have to believe that my posts voicing my issues with Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner and the City of Plantation City Council through the years, documented on this site, could be the reason for the removal. Again, only assumption, understand that Maria Malgieri is the admin and the daughter of Rico Petrocelli, a past City Council President and currently running to regain his council seat, with Michael Hixon and Frank Carreras are moderators.

Rico Petrocelli, I believe is a supporter of Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner and presently, the City Council President. Maria Malgieri has been identified as the individual who banned me from the group and a response of the reason why was “weeding out those that were aggressively posting and that were living out of our area. I will reinstate him but please keep posts to a minimum”.

Posting just five (5) times for the month of July Maria Malgieri wants to keep my posts to a minimum? Don’t believe any of my posts reflect living out of town.

My Response

Cannot come to any other conclusion than to assume that my concerns about Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner and Maria Malgieri‘s support of Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner was the reason for the censorship from the group.

All I can do is respond by saying that NOTHING posted on this site or on the group was NOT FACTUAL! Am not trying to disparage Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner, Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner, by her documented actions, seems to be doing that on her own.

It must really hit a nerve when the facts are brought to light and the only way to deflect, is to attack the individual conveying them, limiting their ability to convey the facts. Doing a Google Search of Lynn Stoner, the first results are the posts from this site!

If an issue is posted to the group or any other group, Lynn Stoner will post her phone number to have that person call her instead of just answering or conveying her point of view in writing on Facebook.

“The art of using deceit and cunning grow continually weaker and less effective to the user.” – John Tillotson

On that note, have to address some issues that have been conveyed about me with NO documentation or basis of truth:

  • It is true, yes, I was interested in purchasing one of Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Groups’ Strata at Plantation units. Seriously interested until he gave me a copy of the updated plan that illustrated egress into the Plantation Park East community. One of the two things he originally agreed NOT to do when we first met and asked me to help him gain support for the Strata at Plantation project within the community, was very vocal to him in opposition of the egress into the community. From that time on he would no longer return my calls or reply to emails and has since refuse to have the simple respect to make an effort to communicate with me. The other, bringing the swale up to compliance with the City of Plantation ordinances. Was never offered a deal on the unit or any preferential pricing either.
  • Until notification by the City of Plantation Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Notice of Hearing about Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Group Pixl at Plantation project and Christopher Longsworth barreling through both myself and others in a conversation, my only issue has been the swale of his property. NOTHING else.
  • Originally back in September 2015, the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association Has Got To Go site was created to inform the residents of the Plantation Park East community what is happening about the development of the Plantation Business Park (PBP) property. (original Home Page) Being a big supporter of Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Groups’ Strata at Plantation project and the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association fighting against it, I had to find an platform to convey the information. Having attended and speaking at City of Plantation City Council Meetings about the deplorable conditions of the swale, documentation starting in January of 2009 taking the word of Christopher Longsworth in hindsight was a mistake. As evidence by the swale of Christopher Longsworths’ INVESCA Development Group and the Strata at Plantation property continues NOT TO BE IN COMPLIANCE.
  • Almost three years later it has become a forum to voice issues of non-compliance, election, development or any other issues I feel important pertaining to the Plantation Park East community.
  • Lastly, there is no advertising on this site! I make no money on this site! It is completely funded by me and no other individual or company has any say in the postings that are displayed on the Plantation Park East Homeowners Association Has Got To Go Site! The only benefit I want from this site is to improve the Plantation Park East Community. Which, is my constitutional first amendment right to do. If the community improves by having properties and homeowners, including myself, adhere to the code ordinances of the city, my quality of life within the community will improve as well. So far I have not been successful after ten years of trying.


All I have asked for since our first meeting has been two things, the swale of the property to be brought up to the City of Plantation Code Ordinances and NO egress into the community. THAT IS ALL! Having people stop their cars and urinate on the wall, throw trash on the property and look at dead grass, shrubbery and trees is not what the City of Plantation Lifestyle is all about! The motto of the city is “Plantation the Grass is Greener” but not on the east side of the City of Plantation.

Being a tax paying resident of the City of Plantation since 2002, every department of the City of Plantation that my tax dollars pay for has failed to provide me with the same services that are provided and expected on the west side of the city!

The City of Plantation City Council is truly my biggest disappointment! The first time I attended a City Council Meeting was when Rico Petrocelli was Council President and the current Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic was a Councilmember, both visited my home and not resolving the issue. To Police Chief W. Howard Harrison whom has spoken to me and now understand that the ordinances of issue were not under his umbrella of responsibility and have a great respect for him. It was not until this past April when Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner visited my home and walked the property that I put the puzzle together with my concern of both Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner and Police Captain Gellar defending the habitually ordinance offender Christopher Longsworth. At the end of May, Diana Berchielli, Chief Landscape Plans Examiner, marked Christopher Longsworths’  property as COMPLIED with no inspection or pictures of the property in compliance! Every visit to the City of Plantation City Council Meetings concerned the swale of the property! Then to top it off to see that Christopher Longsworth is Mayoral Candidate Lynn Stoner‘s largest campaign contributor through his numerous companies he owns has completed the puzzle of the current City Council being corrupt and not working for the citizens of the City of Plantation but for the developers who come to this city and change it in ways that the founding fathers never fathomed, green open spaced single family homes that reflects the west side now. This City Council has manipulated the zones of the city to increase density of areas does not have the infrastructure or emergency services to support it.